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SUKAAgri C3008FL
Soil Improvement Bacteria

Product Introduction:
SUKAAgri C3008FL, with complex construction, stable performance and complete functions compared to ordinary biological preparations, contains 80 kinds of microorganisms, like photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria group series, yeast group series, actinomycetes group series and nematic group series etc, which can be applied in the agriculture industry. SUKAAgri C3008FL is a new kind of activity bactericide and applied safely as without any hormone ingredients and other side-effects and provide a feasible better choice nowadays, which the key point is development of green agriculture and more attention to human health.


Many beneficial microorganisms can combined in the same state and form a complex and stable ecological system. Generate antioxidant, remove oxidation material, eliminate corruption and restrain pathogenic bacteria to form a good environment for growth of plant. Meanwhile, it can generate a lot of useful materials which is easy to absorption by plant, like amino acid, organic acids, mucopolysaccharide, vitamins, bio-chemical enzymes, somatomedin, antibiotics and anti-virus material to improve the immune function of plant and promote to grow healthy.
There are billions of bacteria in every gram of soil and the plant will grow fast without sickness and pests in the soil which the beneficial bacteria is prevailing.
However, due to using of chemical fertilizer and pesticide in recent years, the soil beneficial bacteria were so severely damaged and the fertility of soil is degradation that will not have a good harvest without chemical fertilizer year to year. SUKAAgri C3008FL contains a lot of useful microorganism to soil and make the soil into virtuous circle to improve the soil environment and increase the production through breeding after applied into soil.
The photosynthetic bacteria group series in this product can extract hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide and hydrocarbon to make the harmful substances into harmless
substance, which comprise the matrixes such as secretion of plant root, organic matter,
harmful gases (like sulfureted hydrogen), carbon dioxide and nitrogen, compound sugars, amino acids, vitamins, nitrogen compounds and the biological activity material etc to become the main force of fertiling soil and promote the growth of plant.
Either the supersession substance of photosynthetic can be absorbed by the plant or become the progenitive nutrient of other microorganism, which can be proliferation if the photosynthetic can multiplication. The nematic group series of fermentation system, which has strong generation of ethanol, can prevent formation of maggot and other pests and eliminate foul. Gram-positive actinomycetes group series can produce many kinds of antibiotics, vitamin and enzyme to restrain direct pathogens.
The lactic acid group series in this product can produce lactic acid by absorbing sugars which generated from photosynthetic bacteria and yeast bacteria. Lactic acid has strong ability of sterilization and can restrain activities of harmful microorganism and corruption decomposes of organic matters. As can make the lignin and fabric easy to decompose and eliminate all kinds of malpractices about undecomposed organic, the lactic acid bacteria plays an important role in the fermentation and decomposition of organic matter and can turn the undecomposed organic to the effective nutrients for plant. Lactic acid bacteria also can inhibit the proliferation of pathogens.
The yeast group series in this products can produce activate substance to promote cell division by using amino acid, sugar and other organic matters and fermentation, which can provide important nutrition to the production of matrix that needed by proliferation of effective microorganisms.

Product Advantages:

  • Low cost and reduces agricultural production cost;
  • Enhance resilience of crops, increase the yield and improve the economic benefit;
  •  Microbial product, without any chemical harmful substances, health and

pollution-free and protect the ecological environment;
Usage method and dosage:

  • Spray on foliar: dilute this product into 50 times and spray once a week, which

can make flourish growth, improve the yield and enhance the flavor;

  • Irrigation application: add water to dilute into 50 times and applied at 1000ml per acre.


Bacterial Count: 3 x 108 CFU/ml
Appearance: Light brown colored liquid
Odor: Slight fermentation odor
PH: 3.5±0.2
There are also solid powders forms of this product can be supplied in our company and the bacterial count is 3 x 108 CFU/gram and the color is dark brown.

  • Liquid forms: 2 liters per plastic container or 25 liters per plastic drum;
  • Solid forms: 1 kg per plastic bag or 20 kg per box or 20 kg per woven bag

Alternative packaging is available upon your own request for the products.

Technical Service:

Sukahan (Weifang) Bio-technology Co., Ltd can help our valued customers to
use this product directly!

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